7400: Miscellaneous Procurement Standards

Gooding Jt. School District 231


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                                                     7400


Miscellaneous Procurement Standards


Procurement Generally


When making purchases with federal funds, the District will follow its procurement policies and procedures which reflect applicable State and local laws and regulations, provided that the procurement practice also conforms to applicable Federal law and the standards identified in applicable federal regulations. See Policies 7410, 7408, and 7420.


Authorization and Control


It is the policy of this District to conduct its purchasing program in a manner to ensure optimum use of District funds. The Board, or its designee, reserves the right to determine what is in the best interest of the District.


Micro-Purchase Procedures


Notwithstanding the process for Superintendent-approved purchases outlined in Policy 7405P 406, when using federal funds the Superintendent or designee may purchase supplies or services using simplified acquisition procedures when making aggregate purchases of $3,000 or less, and when making such purchases shall otherwise comply with all applicable District purchase order procedures.


Simplified Acquisition Procedures


When procuring goods or services, whether with federal or state funds, the District shall comply with all requirements and procedures set forth at District Policies 7410, 7408, and 7420 and applicable Idaho law. For purchases less than the federal Simplified Acquisition Threshold (currently $150,000), the Board may adopt small purchase procedures which do not otherwise conflict with District Policies 7410, 7408, and 7420 or applicable Idaho law. Absent such Policy, all purchases for amounts less than the simplified Acquisition Threshold, shall comply with the requirements and procedures set forth at District Policies 7410, 7408, and 7420 and applicable Idaho law.


Cooperative Purchasing


The District may cooperatively enter into contracts with one or more districts to purchase materials necessary or desirable for the conduct of the business of the District provided that the purchasing cooperative follows State purchasing and federal procurement requirements.



Personnel Conflicts of Interest


No employee will make any purchase or incur any obligations for or on behalf of the District from any private business, contractor, or vendor in which or with which the employee has a direct or indirect financial or ownership interest.

Purchases or contracted services from any private business or venture in which any employee of this District has a direct or indirect financial or ownership interest will be made on a competitive bid basis strictly in accordance with the following procedures:


  1. The interested employee, the business, the contractor, or the vendor will fully disclose, in writing, the employee’s exact relationship to the business, the contractor, or the vendor;
  2. The affected business, the contractor, or the vendor may submit a bid in compliance with the specifications outlined by the District;
  3. The interested employee will not be involved in any part of the bidding process, including but not limited to, preparing specifications, advertising, analyzing, or accepting bids; and
  4. This policy will apply to any organization, fund, agency, or other activity maintained or operated by the District.


No employee will solicit gifts, gratuities, favors, prizes, awards, merchandise, or commissions as a result of ordering any items or as a result of placing any purchase order with a business, contractor, or vendor on behalf of the District nor accept anything of monetary value from a business, contractor, or vendor except for unsolicited gifts of $50 or less in value.




Any District officer, employee, or agent who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to a fine, suspension, or termination. Violations of law shall be referred to the local, State, or federal authority having proper jurisdiction.



Cross Reference: 7218 Federal Grant Financial Management System 7235 Fiscal Accountability and IDEA Part B Funds 7237 Retention of Records Relating to Federal Grants 7320 Allowable Uses for Grant Funds

7320P1    Determining Necessity and Reasonableness of Expenses 7400P Procurement Under a Federal Award

7405 Public Works Contracting and Procurement 7407 Public Procurement of Goods and Services 7410 Petty Cash Funds

7408 Entering into Professional Service Contracts with Design Professionals, Construction Managers, and Professional Land Surveyors–The Request for Qualifications Procedure

7420          Personal Reimbursements



Legal Reference:   I.C. § 18-1351 Bribery and Corrupt Practices – Definitions


I.C. § 33-316 Cooperative Contracts to Employ Specialized Personnel and/or Purchase Materials

2 C.F.R. § 200.67 Micropurchase

2 C.F.R. § 200.88 Simplified Acquisition Threshold 2 C.F.R. § 200.317 Procurement by States

2 C.F.R. § 200.318            General Procurement Standards

2 C.F.R. § 200.320          Methods of Procurement to be Followed


Policy History:

Adopted on: 4/10/18

Revised on: 7/10/18; 11/13/18; 7/9/19;10/8/19 Reviewed on:11-13-23

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