7260: Student Activity Fund

Gooding Joint School District No. 231


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                                                                                              7260


Student Activity Fund


The Board is responsible for the establishment and management of student activity funds. The purpose of student activity funds shall be to account for revenues and disbursements of those funds raised by students through recognized student body organizations and activities, including:


  1. Admission charges for interscholastic activities;
  2. The sale of yearbooks and annuals;
  3. Student fee collections which are used to provide more than one activity/benefit to all of the students of a school or school building; and
  4. Receipt from vending machines located on school


The funds collected by the schools shall be maintained in accounts requiring two authorized signatures for the distribution of funds: one signature shall be by a person designated by the Board as an assistant treasurer and the other shall be a designated signatory of the building or District.


The funds shall be deposited and expended by regular check in a bank account maintained by the District for each student activity fund. The use of the student extra- and co-curricular funds is limited to the benefit of the students. All funds collected or received for school programs, activities or students use are by Idaho law public monies and the care, custody, control and accounting for such monies is the duty and responsibility of the Treasurer and the Administrative Officer of the District.


The management of student activity funds shall be consistent with sound business practices. Authority is delegated to the Superintendent to require each school within the District to conform to accounting procedures for the receipt, deposit and withdrawal of funds. A report of the activity of these funds shall be submitted to the Board each month. This includes providing for the safekeeping of monies, proper accounting and administration of the funds, and compliance with the Board of Trustees’ policies and procedures. The Principal is responsible for the proper collection, disbursement and control of all school activity funds.


For other activity or student funds, the Board may create a separate fund(s) and implement procedures for the accounting and control of the same.


Projects for the raising of funds shall generally contribute to the educational experience of students and shall not detract from the instructional program. All fundraising projects must have the approval of the principal. Solicitation of funds outside the school must have the approval of the Superintendent. If any goods or labor are from outside of Gooding or Gooding merchants the project requires Board approval.


Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-705         Activity Funds


Policy History:

Adopted on: April 10, 2018 Revised on: 2/14/23

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