4210P: Community Use of School Facilities

Gooding Jt. School District 231


COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                                                                               4210P


Community Use of School Facilities


Facility Use Applications


Applications requesting use of the school facility must be presented to the building principal at least ten days in advance of the time desired and must be signed by a qualified representative of the organization desiring to use the building.


When considering facility use applications, the following should be taken into consideration:


  1. The activity should not interfere with the schedule of normal activities of the school or District;


  1. The content of the activity should be reasonably appropriate in a school setting;


  1. The event is not in conflict with the health and safety of the District or community and does not violate any federal, state, or local ordinance;


  1. The event may not be held in support of or opposition to any candidate or ballot


  1. The user agrees to follow all health and safety protocols outlined by the


The renting of school facilities will ordinarily be on a first-come-first-serve basis for eligible organizations, except that school-related activities shall have priority.


Right to Decline Use


The use of the school premises will be denied when, in the opinion of the Superintendent or the Board, such use may be construed to be solely for commercial purposes, when there is probability of damage or injury to school property, or when the activity is deemed to be improper to hold in school buildings, or if it conflicts with any federal, state, or local public health ordinance or District health policy or procedure.




The Superintendent, or designee, shall establish a schedule of fees and make additional adjustments in the fees as necessary for the use of any school facility or school grounds. Fees/rental charges shall cover costs of wages of school personnel involved and utilities. The Board will review this fee schedule annually. Fees may be waived by the Superintendent or designee in consideration of services rendered by public institutions or nonprofit organizations in direct support of public school students or staff.


Fees will be invoiced and the sponsoring organization whose name appears on the application shall be held responsible for any and all damages to school property and equipment.


Insurance Coverage


The Board may require facility users to carry a commercial general liability insurance policy with a minimum limit per occurrence of $1,000,000. A Certificate of Insurance for the policy, naming the Gooding Jt. School District as an additional insured, may also be required along with the facility use request. The Board reserves the right to require increased insurance coverage on any event.


School Equipment


Use of school equipment in conjunction with the use of school facilities must be specifically requested in writing and may be granted by the procedure by which permission to use facilities is granted. The user of school equipment must accept liability for any damage to or loss of such equipment that occurs while it is in use. Where rules so specify, no item of equipment may be used except by a qualified operator. No District equipment shall be removed from the premises for use by non-District personnel unless otherwise provided for in policy. All equipment used in must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by the user.




At least one District employee must be on hand, paid for by the organization when, in the opinion of the Superintendent or designee, it is necessary to supervise the individuals and protect school property. The number of paid employees shall depend on the type of service, number to be served, and number of volunteer helpers.


Whenever a cafeteria is used, it shall be under the supervision of a school employee. The group using the facility shall reimburse the District for the salary of the employee.


No school building or facility shall be used for any purpose which could result in picketing, rioting, disturbing the peace, or damage to property or for any purpose prohibited by law.


No access to other rooms or equipment in the building shall be permitted unless designated by agreement.


Outdoor Facility Usage


The following applies to all District outdoor facility rentals:


  1. The rental group shall be responsible for the full replacement cost of any facility or equipment damage.
  2. Arrangements for keys for any rented facility must be made prior to the event by contacting the Athletic Director.


  1. The procedure for cancellation of outdoor events due to threatening weather and/or field conditions is as follows:


  1. If field conditions are such that play is not recommended, the athletic director shall notify the rental group as far in advance as possible that contests must be cancelled. Practice field rental will be substituted, if possible; and


  1. If there is rain the day of the scheduled contests, the game field rental is considered cancelled and game fields are not to be used. Questions can be answered by calling the athletic director, high school principal, or Superintendent (in that order).


  1. All equipment items the rental group desires must be listed on the rental
  2. Requests for night rentals will be reviewed on a case-by-case



Procedure History: Promulgated on: 8/7/12 Revised on: 10/13/20; 11/15/22 Reviewed on:

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