4000 Series-Community Relations

4000: Goals

Public Participation

4100: Public Relations
4105: Public Participation in Board Meeting
4105F: Request to Appear Before the Board
4110: Public Complaints
4120: Uniform Grievance Procedure
4120F: Uniform Grievance Form
4130: Public Access to District Website
4135: Community Relations
4140C: Gatherings, Events, and Visitors
4150: Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities
4160: Notice to Parents Required by No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB)
4170: District or School Operated Social Media
4175: Required Annual Notices

Public Access

4200: School-Support Organizations
4200F1: Fundraiser Request Form
4210: Community Use of School Facilities
4210P: Community Use of School Facilities
4210F1: Fee Schedule for Community Use of School Facilities
4210F2: Facility Use Agreement
4210F3: Facilities Use Agreement
4210F4: Application for Use of School Facilities
4225: Equipment Usage
4230: Use of School Property for Posting Notices
4240: Distribution of Fund Drive Literature Through Students
4250: Education Research in District Schools
4260: Records Available to Public
4260F: District Record Request Form

Public Conduct

4300: Conduct on School Property
4310: Contact with Students
4320: Disruption of School Operations
4330: Spectator Conduct and Sportsmanship for Athletic and Co-Curricular Events

Relations with Governmental Agencies

4400: Relations with the Law Enforcement and Child Protective Agencies
4410: Investigations and Arrests by Police
4420: Sex Offenders
4420F1: Letter to Parents Regarding Sex Offenders
4420F2: Letter to Employers and Contractors Regarding Sex Offenders


4500: Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools
4500P: Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools (Regulations)
4510: Public Gifts to the Schools: Donations of Material/Equipment Affecting Building Structure or Maintenance (Regulations)
4520: Soliciting and Accepting Grants or Donations


4600: Volunteer Assistance
4600P: Volunteer Procedures
4600F1: Volunteer Application
4600F2: Volunteer Criminal History Records Fingerprint Check Request
4600F3: Volunteer Confidentiality

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