2640: Mastery-Based Education

Gooding Jt. School District 231


INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                        2640


Mastery-Based Education


The purpose of this policy is to allow schools to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate the full extent of their knowledge and abilities, to offer appropriate credit for their efforts outside the normal classroom environment, and to allow for more personalized and differentiated learning. This process may allow a student to achieve credits by demonstrating mastery of a subject’s content standards as defined and approved by the District.


This policy permits District schools to:


  1. Offer flexibility as they meet each student’s diverse needs, interests, and levels and rate of learning; and
  2. Create additional options for students to demonstrate their mastery of course


“Mastery-based education” shall mean an education system where student progress is based on a student’s demonstration of mastery of competencies and content, not seat time or the age or grade level of the student.


Mastery-Based Education Plan


The Board directs the Superintendent to develop a plan that describes how the District or school will maintain a mastery-based approach to education. The plan may be developed with the input of teachers and other education stakeholders.


The plans shall include a process for determining mastery and awarding credit. Such rubrics and assessments shall be based on the Idaho Content Standards and the Idaho College and Career Readiness Competencies and Subskills. They may provide a variety of modes for a student to demonstrate mastery, including:


  1. The successful completion of classroom or equivalent work, such as supervised independent study, extended learning experiences, or project-based learning.
  2. Passing an appropriate exam;
  3. Providing a portfolio of work or other assessment evidence;
  4. Providing documentation of prior learning activities or experiences, such as through diplomas or transcripts from schools, colleges, or universities; awards; or letters attesting to the completion of the activity or experience; or
  5. Some combination of the



Legal References:

I.C. § 33-1632

Mastery-Based Education


I.C. § 33-6401 et seq.

Extended Learning Opportunities





Other Reference:         Summary: Determining Mastery for Advancement, Grading, and Crediting by the Idaho State Department of Education, https://www.sde.idaho.gov/mastery-ed/files/guides/Determining-Mastery- Summary.pdf


Policy History: Adopted on: 11/15/22 Revised on: Reviewed on:

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