2000 Series: Instruction


2000: Goals


2100: Curriculum Development and Assessment
2110C: Lesson Plan
2120: Program Evaluation and Diagnostic Tests
2125: K-3 Reading Intervention
2130: Research Studies
2140: Student and Family Privacy Rights
2150 : Copyright
2150P: Copyright Compliance

Instructional Organization

2200: School Year, Calendar, and Instructional Hours
2210C: Health Emergency Related School Closure
2210P: Weather-Related School Closure
2220: Pre-kindergarten Programs
2230: Grade Organization
2240: Class Size

Programs and Services

2300: Guidance and Counseling
2305: Nutrition Services
2310: Nutrition Education
2315C: Physical Activity

Opportunities and Physical Education

2320: Health Enhancement
2325: Driver Training Education
2330: Community and Adult Education
2335: Digital Citizenship and Safety Education (SD)
2340: Controversial Issues and Academic Freedom
2345: Speakers in the Classroom and at School Functions
2345P: Controversial Speakers Procedure
2350: Student Religious Activity at School
2355: Release Time
2360: Interscholastic Activities
2370: Homebound Hospital and Home Instruction
2380: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Waiver
2385: Limited English Proficiency Program
2390: Migrant Education Program
2395: Idaho Digital Learning Academy Classes

Special or Alternative Instruction

2410: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
2410P: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
2420: Title I Parent Involvement
2420P: Title I Parent Involvement Guidelines
2425: Parental Rights
2430: Gifted and Talented Program
2435: Advanced Opportunities
2435F: Advanced Opportunities Participation Form
2440C: Online Courses and Alternative Credit Options
2450: Contracted Student Services

Instructional Materials

2500: Library Materials
2510: Selection of Library Materials
2510P: Selection of Library Materials
2520: Curricular/Learning Materials
2530: Objections to Learning Materials
2530F: Objections to Learning Materials Form
2545: Technology Advisory Council
2550: Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education
2560: Contests for Students
2570: Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
2570F: Parental opt-Out/Consent Form Regarding Movies
2580: Use of Animals in Educational Programs
2580F: Student Permission for Exposure to Animals
2580P: District Procedure on Dissection of Animals

Grading and Promotion

2600: Promotion/Retention
2605: Advancement Requirements (6-9)
2610: Advancement Requirements (9-12)
2620: Grading and Progress Reports
2625: Parent-Teacher Conferences
2630: Homework


2700: High School Graduation Requirements
2700P: High School Graduation Requirements
2705: High School Graduation Requirements
2715: Secondary Route to Graduation
2720C: Participation in Commencement Exercises
2730: Valedictorian and Salutatorian


2800: Objectives

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