2510: Selection of Library Materials

Gooding Jt. School District 231

INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                        2510

Selection of Library Materials


The District has libraries in every school with the primary objective of implementing and supporting the educational program in the schools. The provision of a wide variety of library materials at all ability levels supports the District’s school libraries’ mission to provide faculty and students with materials that enrich and support the curriculum and meet the needs of the students and faculty served


In support of these objectives, the Board reaffirms the principles of intellectual freedom inherent in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and expressed in the American Library Association’s School Library Bill of Rights.


Although the Superintendent is responsible for ensuring qualified staff select library materials according to appropriate criteria, ultimate responsibility for the selection of library materials rests with the Board.


The Board, acting through the Superintendent, thereby delegates the authority for the selection of library materials to the principal in each of the schools. The principal further delegates that authority to the librarian in the school.


Library materials may include, but are not limited to print books, recordings, digital materials, periodicals and newspapers, and even equipment. This selection policy and its related procedure shall apply to all types of library materials.

The District’s school libraries shall adhere to District policies and procedures related to copyright.



Cross Reference:





Library Materials



Learning Materials Review & Reconsideration



Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools



Use and Disposal of School Property

Legal Reference:

IC § 33-601

School Property – Real and Personal Property — Acquisition, Use or Disposal of the Same

US Constitution, First Amendment


Other Reference:         Library Bill of Rights:


Idaho Commission for Libraries website: https://libraries.idaho.gov/ The Freedom to Read Statement: https://www.ala.org/advocacy/intfreedom/freedomreadstatement


Policy History: Adopted on: 5/8/12 Revised on: 2/14/23 Reviewed on: 2/9/21

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