2425: Parental Rights

Gooding Joint School District #231


INSTRUCTION                          2425


Parental Rights


The Board of Trustees encourages parents/guardians to be involved in their student’s school activities and academic progress. As required by IC 33-6001, the District reinforces the rights and responsibilities of parents as primary stakeholders to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their child.


The Board is mandated to adhere to laws, rules, and regulations including the Constitution of the State of Idaho; the rules of the Idaho State Board of Education (Idaho Administrative Procedures Act); the rules and regulations of the Idaho State Department of Education; the laws, rules, and regulations of the federal government and the U.S. Department of Education; as well as educational provisions outlined in the Idaho Code. These mandates include the requirement stated at Article IX, Section 1 of the Idaho Constitution that it is “… the duty of the Legislature of Idaho to maintain a general, uniform, and thorough system of public, free common schools.”


Based upon the above provisions, as well as the State’s mandated requirements for advancement and graduation, the District has established its practices, policies, and procedures as well as the approved curriculum and assessment program. Failure to follow the District’s practices, policies, and procedures as well as the school’s curriculum and assessment program amounts to a violation of State and/or federal laws, rules, and regulations by the District, including but not limited to the failure to provide a general, thorough, free, and uniform system of public education as well as putting the District’s operations and funding in jeopardy.


Parents/guardians and students are expected to abide by the District’s practices, policies, and procedures governing the operation of the schools which are required by various State and/or federal laws, rules, and regulations. However, a student’s parent/guardian has the right to reasonable academic accommodation if the accommodation does not substantially impact District staff and resources, including employee working conditions, safety and supervision on school premises for school activities, and the efficient allocation of expenditures. The District will strive to balance the rights of parents/guardians, the educational needs of other students, the academic and behavioral impacts to a classroom, a teacher’s workload, and the assurance of the safe and efficient operations of the school.


If a parent has an objection to the District’s implementation of various mandates through the District’s practices, policies, and procedures, or if a parent/guardian would like to request reasonable academic accommodation, the appropriate avenue for the parent/guardian is to first seek to address such concerns through communication with the school’s administration. Should that avenue not resolve the situation, a parent/guardian is free to address such concerns with the Board of Trustees in conformance with Board policy regarding public participation at Board meetings.


A parent/guardian who has an objection to their child’s participation in the District’s adopted curriculum and/or the District’s implementation of practices, policies, and procedures in accordance with educational mandates, on the basis that it harms the child or impairs the parents’ firmly held beliefs, values, or principles, may withdraw their child from the activity, class, or program. Except in the case of sex education curriculum, a parent/guardian who chooses to not have their child participate in the provided educational activity shall be responsible for identification and provision of non-disruptive alternative educational activities for their child during any time of objection, at no cost to the District. The final decision as to the placement of such alternative educational activity shall be at the discretion of the District, with input of the parent, consistent with the requirements for advancement and graduation and consistent with the reasonable accommodation requirements outlined above.


In the case of dual credit courses offered by an institution of higher education, academic accommodations and excusing students from objectionable assignments is solely at the discretion of the course provider and not the District. The District has no control over the selection, adoption and removal of curricular materials and it is the responsibility of the parent to have knowledge of and/or review such prior to student enrollment.


Access to Learning Materials


Parents/guardians are entitled to review all learning materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids used in their student’s classroom. Parents/guardians can request access to learning materials by contacting the school’s administration during school hours.


Student Wellbeing


If a member of the District’s staff becomes aware of a consistent (unchanging) and enduring (persistent, occurring over time) change in the student’s mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being the staff member shall report this change so the student’s parent/guardian can be notified as described in 2425P.


Addressing Parent/Guardian Concerns


A parent/guardian who feels the District has violated their rights, as described in this policy and otherwise provided in IC 33-6001 may file a grievance as described in Policy 4120 Uniform Grievance Policy.




The District shall annually provide parents/guardians with notice of their rights as specified in this policy.



Cross References:       2340F Parental Opt-Out Form for Sex Education

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Policy History:

Adopted on: 9-13-16

Revised on: 8-8-23

Reviewed on:2-9-21, 10-10-23, 11-13-23

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