2380: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Waiver

Gooding Jt. School District No. 231

INSTRUCTION                                                                                                       2380

Head Start Program Coordination


It is the policy of this District to coordinate its early childhood education programs with an accredited local Head Start agency and, to the extent feasible, with other entities providing early childhood development programs. To promote this policy, the Superintendent or designee shall develop and enter into agreements with such Head Start agencies and other local entities to carry out these important activities for the benefit of the District’s youngest students.


Such coordination between the District and the local Head Start agency [Note: assistance with initial contact and collaboration may be made through Idaho Head Start State Collaboration Office, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, 450 W State Street, Boise, ID 83720 208-334-2410] and, if feasible, other local entities carrying out early childhood education programs serving children who will attend District schools, should include the following:


  1. Developing and implementing a systematic procedure for receiving records regarding such children, transferred with parental consent from a Head Start program or, where applicable, another early childhood education program;


  1. Establishing channels of communication between school staff and their counterparts (including teachers, social workers, and health staff) in such Head Start agencies or other entities carrying out early childhood education programs, as appropriate, to facilitate coordination of programs;


  1. Conducting meetings involving parents, kindergarten or elementary school teachers, and Head Start teachers or, if appropriate, teachers from other early childhood education programs, to discuss the developmental and other needs of individual children;


  1. Organizing and participating in joint transition-related training of school staff, Head Start program staff, and, where appropriate, other early childhood education program staff; and


  1. Linking the educational services provided by such local educational agency with the services provided by local Head Start agencies.




Legal Reference:


Policy History: Adopted on: 9/12/17 Revised on: Reviewed on: 1/19/21

20 USC § 6322 Coordination Requirements, as amended by ESSA of 2015





2380-1                                                            (ISBA 7/17 UPDATE)

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