2335: Digital Citizenship and Safety Education (SD)

Gooding Jt. School District 231


Digital Citizenship and Safety Education

Technology will be integral to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The District’s educational system must lay the foundation for students to participate comfortably in an increasingly technological society. Classroom activities will include instruction using multimedia, distance learning, and other technologies.

The Superintendent will ensure that District students are educated on network etiquette and appropriate online behavior, including cyberbullying awareness, digital citizenship, and online safety. Instruction will be given to students as appropriate to the educational and developmental needs of students.

The District may make use of the Idaho Attorney General’s online safety program, titled Protecteens, which addresses online safety and cyberbullying, in classroom discussions about digital citizenship, responsible online behavior, and consequences. The District may also make use of other materials on digital citizenship such as those found at CommonSenseMedia.org.

The Superintendent will ensure that teachers, administrators, and other staff members responsible for supervising students’ internet use receive professional development, training, and resources in the following areas:

  1. Monitoring of student online activities;

  2. Instruction of students in proper network etiquette;

  3. Instruction of students in discerning among online information sources and appropriate materials;

  4. Bullying and cyberbullying awareness and response, in accordance with the District’s bullying policy; and

  5. Instruction of students on appropriate interaction on social networking websites and chat rooms.

The District may use the following methods of providing instruction on appropriate online behavior and cyberbullying awareness:

  1. Incorporation of instruction into course objectives or daily lessons of planned instruction, as appropriate;

  2. Class assemblies or special instruction given in the school library or media center;

  3. Special technology courses that are required for students at various grade levels;

  4. Online tutorial programs required for students to use a District network account; and

The Internet Safety Coordinator or their designee will also make resources available to parents/guardians on teaching students about acceptable internet use, appropriate online

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