2315C: Physical Activity

Gooding Jt. School District 231


Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Education (PE) During Health Emergency

Daily Physical Education (PE) K-12

All students in grades K-12, including students with disabilities, special healthcare needs, and those in alternative educational settings, will receive daily physical education (PE) (or its equivalent) for the entire school year. The District shall strive to provide an amount of PE instruction consistent with the NASPE recommendations, to the extent feasible. All PE will be taught by a certified PE teacher. Student involvement in other activities involving physical activity, such as interscholastic or intramural sports, will not be substituted for meeting the PE requirement. Students will spend at least 50 percent of PE class time participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity.

The Superintendent or his or her designee shall review all District PE courses to ensure all appropriate health and safety measures, such as physical distancing and frequent sanitizing of touched items, are observed.

The District shall provide PE instruction to students attending school remotely, including in the event a District school must shift partially or entirely to remote learning. However, the Board may elect to waive all District PE requirements beyond the minimum required by IDAPA

Integrating Physical Activity into the Classroom Setting

For students to receive the nationally-recommended amount of daily physical activity, at least 60 minutes per day, and for students to fully embrace regular physical activity as a personal behavior, students need opportunities for physical activity beyond PE class. Toward that end:

  1. Health education will complement PE by reinforcing the knowledge and self- management skills needed to maintain a physically-active lifestyle and to reduce time spent on sedentary activities, such as watching television;

  1. Opportunities for physical activity will be incorporated into other subject lessons; and

  1. Classroom teachers will provide short physical activity breaks between lessons or classes, as appropriate

The Superintendent shall direct teachers to include frequent breaks for movement and exercise in lessons taught remotely.

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