2220: Pre-kindergarten Programs

Gooding Jt. School District 231


INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                        2220

Prekindergarten Programs and Kindergarten Jump Start Program


Kindergarten Jump Start Program

The District may offer a four-week kindergarten jump start program for students whose score on a kindergarten screener provided by the District indicates they are below kindergarten readiness levels.

If offered, the kindergarten jump start program must offer a training program for parents/guardians on actions and activities that they can do that are associated with student success. For a child to be eligible for the jump-start program, the child’s parent/guardian must attend the training.


Prekindergarten Programs

The District may establish a prekindergarten program based on the premise that the District’s teachers, support staff, and physical facilities can offer a quality of experiences that cannot be provided by area nursery schools. If it is not possible for the District to provide such a program for all four year-old children in the District, those children in greatest need will be sought and identified.


The objectives of the program are to:


  1. Identify children who are beginning to experience social, emotional, and/or physical problems, regardless of whether they are related to maturational development;
  2. Provide an educational experience that will ease or eliminate these problems at an early age, reducing adjustment and/or learning problems in subsequent years;
  3. Identify children who do not have facility in the English language and provide experiences that enhance and accelerate the development of such a facility;
  4. Identify children who would not otherwise attend preschool prior to entering public school and provide them with equal learning opportunities;
  5. Provide experiences for the parents of these children to volunteer as classroom aides to help them learn more about the school environment and how to help their children prepare for and adjust to; and
  6. Provide learning experiences in early childhood education and child care for high school students through cooperative arrangements with the District high school(s).


If any such program is instituted by the District, such program may be separate and apart from any services provided to prekindergarten students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or other special education laws.




Policy History:

Adopted on: 5/8/12

Revised on: 1/19/21; 1/11/22

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