8520: Inspection of School Facilities

Gooding Jt. School District 231


NONINSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS                                                                              8520


Inspection of School Facilities


To ensure the safety and health of children and staff, the District shall, at least once a year, subject the facilities of the District to an independent inspection for the purposes of determining whether such facilities comply with safety and health standards and other codes and requirements of Idaho law. The safety inspection will be conducted by a professionally qualified independent inspector or done pursuant to Title 39, Chapter 80, Idaho Code. The safety inspection report shall be provided to the Board of Trustees and to the administrator of the Division of Building Safety for review.


After having the opportunity to review the inspection report, the Board shall identify any unsafe or unhealthy conditions and take the necessary steps to abate such conditions. Should any unsafe and unhealthy conditions remain beyond the school year in which such conditions were reported, the Board shall identify such conditions as not having been abated and take all necessary steps as soon as is practical to abate such conditions. In such case, the Board shall direct the Superintendent to prepare or delegate the preparation of a plan of abatement to be completed at the earliest practicable time. The plan shall be implemented immediately. Such plan shall be provided to the Board and to the administrator of the Division of Building Safety.


Funds to conduct such abatement shall be segregated and, if necessary, secured as required by Idaho Code.


For purposes of this policy, the term “facilities” means school buildings, administration buildings, playgrounds, athletic fields or any other facilities or property used by schoolchildren or school personnel in the normal course of educational services.



Cross Reference:         8300                                  Emergency & Disaster Preparedness 8510                                          District Safety

9400                                  Safety Program


Legal Reference:         I.C. § 33-1613                   Safe Public School Facilities Required IDAPA                     Safe Environment and Discipline


Policy History: Adopted on: 11/15/22 Revised on: Reviewed on:








8520-1                                                               (ISBA 03/22 UPDATE)

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