5100: Hiring Process and Criteria

Gooding Jt. School District 231


PERSONNEL                                                                                                                            5100


Hiring Process and Criteria


The Board of Trustees has the legal responsibility of hiring all employees. The Board assigns to the Superintendent the process of recruiting staff personnel. The Superintendent may involve various administrative and teaching staff as may be needed in recruiting potential personnel. All personnel selected for employment must be recommended by the Superintendent or designee and approved by the Board. All personnel selected for employment must also go through the applicable screening process outlined in Idaho Code 33-1210.


To aid in obtaining quality staff members, the following non-exclusive list of factors will be considered, along with any other factors relevant to the position: qualifications, training, experience, personality, character, and ability to relate well with students. Every effort will be exerted to maintain wide diversity in staff experience and educational preparation. However, the welfare of the children of the District will be a paramount consideration in the selection of teachers and administrators.


This policy shall be made available to any District employee or person seeking employment with the District.




  1. There will be no discrimination in the hiring process. See Policy 5120.


  1. Applicants for teaching positions shall provide evidence of meeting State requirements for certification and sign a statement authorizing current and past school district employers, including those outside the state of Idaho, to release to the District all information relating to job performance or job related conduct, and making available to the District copies of all documents in the applicant’s previous personnel files, investigative, or other files. Such statement will also release the applicant’s current and past employers from any liability for providing such information and documentation. Applicants who do not sign the statement/release shall not be considered for employment. The District will consider information received from current and past school district employers only for the purpose of evaluating applicants’ qualifications for employment in the position for which they have applied and no one shall disclose such information to anyone, other than the applicant, who is not directly involved in the process of evaluating the applicants’ qualifications for employment. Applicants may be employed on a non-contracted provisional basis as allowed by law. Applicants shall not be prevented from gaining employment if current or past out-of-state employers are prevented from or refuse to cooperate with the District’s request. See Forms 5100F1 and 5100F2.


  1. Applicants for high school and middle school positions should have a major or its equivalent in the specific teaching field(s). Elementary applicants should have a major or its equivalent in elementary education or in the special area of assignment(s). Applicants for specific teaching positions shall also meet the applicable State standards.


  1. Applicants for all teaching positions should have a minimum over-all grade point average of 2.5 (A-4, B-3, C-2, D-l). All candidates should have a grade point average of 2.75 in their respective major teaching field(s).


  1. When considering coaching assignments in secondary schools, preference for hiring will be given to a qualified certificated professional employee in the school where the coaching vacancy exists. The building principal will be responsible for assuring that all qualified and interested applicants within the building have been given consideration. Giving such individuals consideration does not mean that such an individual will necessarily be retained for a coaching position or that another individual who is not an employee of the building in question may not receive the position.


  1. As required in Idaho Code 65-505, the District will observe preference for veterans and disabled veterans when considering hiring employees to fill vacancies, selecting new employees, or implementing a reduction in force.


  1. As required in Idaho Code 33-130 and 33-512(15), the District will conduct a criminal history check for applicable positions. See Policy 5110.


  1. Each newly hired employee must complete an Immigration and Naturalization Service form, as required by federal law.


The employment of any certified staff member is not official until the contract is approved by the Board and signed by both the Board Chair and the applicant.


To assist administrators in compliance with the above policy for the hiring of professional staff, the following guidelines shall be utilized:


Notice of Vacancies


Vacancies will be posted only after the Board has approved written resignation from a contracted professional employee of the District, a termination has occurred, or if a new position is created within the District. The Superintendent shall develop procedures for the posting of available positions within the District.


  1. Job Vacancy Notices: Any notice from Gooding Joint School District 231 will contain the following information:


  1. Position available and job description.


  1. Requirements for completed application, as applicable for position, include but are not limited to: 1) a completed District application form; 2) official transcripts of all university or college credits; 3) a placement center file; 4) a personal resume; 5) verification or eligibility of Idaho certification; and 6) a signed statement/release for current and past school district employers.


  1. Timeline for receiving application.


  1. Process notification of how applications will be handled.


  1. Application Procedures: It will be the responsibility of any applicant to provide the information required for a completed application listed above.


  1. Such information must be received prior to the cutoff date for receiving applications as specified in the vacancy notice.


  1. It will be at the discretion of the Superintendent, the appropriate administrator, and the building administrator to determine whether such deadlines should be extended to accommodate individuals where placement center files, transcripts, or other materials are not yet received by the District for consideration. Such time extension will be restricted to a reasonable time frame.


  1. In addition to the certification information provided by the applicant, the District will also request from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction verification of certification status, any past or pending violations of the professional code of ethics, any detail as to any prior or pending conditions placed upon a certificate holder’s certificate, any prior or pending revocation, suspension, or the existence of any prior letters of reprimand and information relating to job performance.


  1. Within three business days of receipt of the statement releasing information from prior school district employers, as required by I.C. 33-1210, such statement shall be sent to the prior employers with a request for release of information and documentation to be provided as required by that section.


      Because responses to such requests may take up to 20 days, or possibly more for out-of-state school district employers, information received pursuant to such request may be reviewed prior to or after interviews have been concluded, at the discretion of the District. Where possible, such information should be utilized as part of the screening process. However, due to considerations of time, such early review may not be possible, and such information received pursuant to this process may be reviewed or utilized up to any time prior to offering employment to an applicant.


  1. Upon receipt of the completed applications, those applications will be placed in a file for review and consideration at the District Office.



Preliminary Screening


  1. At either the time the job vacancy is published, or prior to the conclusion of the application period, the school administrator will provide notice to the appropriate administrator of the desired number of qualified individuals to be included in the “screening pool”. The screening pool shall be defined as the number of individuals having completed applications that may be submitted to the building or program administrator for final screening.


  1. Should the building or program administrator desire to have applicants prioritized, he or she shall make such known to the appropriate administrator who will provide the prioritized list of a number consistent with the pool.




  1. The building or program administrator may establish a committee to assist in the final screening process.


  1. The committee, upon receiving the written applications from the appropriate administrator, will review those applications for the purpose of:


  1. Determining those most suited to the position;
  2. Making personal telephone contact with one or more references submitted by the applicant;
  3. Contacting individuals who might know the candidate, but were not listed as references, if needed; and
  4. Inviting the top candidates to be interviewed for the position.


  1. The committee will establish the procedures at the building or program level for interviewing the successful applicants.


  1. For those applicants who have no prior public school work experience or whose out-of-state former employers will not release documentation requested pursuant to I.C. § 33-1210, the screening committee or administrator may engage in whatever background checks it deems appropriate, but at a minimum shall verify all prior work experience and educational achievement listed by the applicant as the committee or administrator deems appropriate, preferably by contacting the prior employers and/or educational institutions listed by the applicant, and shall communicate with every person listed as a reference by the applicant.


  1. Upon determining the qualified applicant, the building administrator will submit to the Superintendent the written recommendation for the applicant to be offered a contract.


Acceptance Procedure


Once the Committee or administrator has selected the final candidate, the name will be provided to the Superintendent who will review the applicant’s credentials with the building/program administrator. If the Superintendent concurs with the recommendation, the Superintendent will:


  1. Authorize a statement of intention to employ, pending Board approval, to be made to the candidate.


  1. If, at the time the statement of intention to employ is made, the District has not yet received documentation requested pursuant to I.C. 33-1210(3), the District may provisionally employ such applicant on a non-contracted basis for up to 30 days after receipt of the documentation. Within that thirty-day time period, the Board may issue a written statement to the applicant identifying why a standard contract will not be issued and specifying which information justifies such decision. The Board may not identify any reason for non-issuance of a standard contract not based on the documentation received. If, within 30 days from the receipt of the information requested pursuant to I.C. 33-1210(3) no contract is issued or the written statement of non-employment is not provided to the applicant, the employee will be deemed to be employed pursuant to a Category 1 contract. During this provisional employment, the applicant shall be provided the same compensation and benefits as if the employee had been employed on a standard certificated contract.


If no documentation is received from out of state employers, the District may employ the applicant on a standard Category 1 contract without utilizing the provisional, non-contracted employment.


  1. Upon receiving a verbal or written statement of intention to accept employment, pending Board approval, by the candidate, the Superintendent will prepare the necessary papers for recommendation to the Board of Trustees at the next regular or special Board meeting.


  1. Submit to the Board of Trustees such recommendation.


Board Action


The Board of Trustees of Gooding Joint School District 231 will:


  1. Have placed before it all candidate names for the position; and


  1. Discuss hiring and, in situations wherein the individual qualifications of the applicant are discussed, go into executive session pursuant to law; and


  1. Vote relating to approval or disapproval of the candidates. If members of the Board personally have knowledge not available to the building administrator and the screening committee the Board will not take action until all concerns have been reviewed by the building/program administrator.






Upon approval by the Board of Trustees, a contract, in a form approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, will be sent or given to the applicant pursuant to the requirements set out in I.C. 33-513. The applicant must sign the contract and return it within ten days from the date the contract is delivered to them. Should the person willfully refuse to acknowledge receipt of the contract or the contract is not signed and returned to the Board in the designated period of time, the Board or designee may declare the position vacant. Should the candidate not be approved, or the person willfully refuse to acknowledge receipt of the contract or the contract is not signed and returned to the Board, the Superintendent will remand the situation to the building administrator and screening committee to provide the next applicant’s name for consideration.


Any person on provisional employment pursuant to I.C. 33-1210(7) shall be subject to the same time limits and provisions for return of a signed contract when and if such contract shall be provided to them for signature.




To qualify for employment, each teacher or administrator must have, and maintain during the entire school year, a valid Idaho teaching/administrative certificate on file in the District Office at the beginning of the school year. If at any time the teacher/administrator’s certification lapses, is revoked, or suspended, the certificated employee may be subjected to action declaring a contract violation and possible action to terminate the employment of the individual with the District.



Cross References:       5110                                  Criminal History/Background Checks

                                    5120                                  Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-                                                          Discrimination

                                    5100F1-5100F3                Hiring Process and Criteria Forms

                                    5740P                                Reduction in Force Procedures and Forms


Legal References:       I.C. § 33-130                     Criminal History Checks for School District                                                       Employees or Applicants for Certificates

                                    I.C. § 33-512                     Governance of Schools

                                    I.C. § 33-513                     Professional Personnel

                                    I.C. § 33-1210                   Information on Past Job Performance

                                    I.C. § 65-501, et seq.         Rights and Privileges of Veterans

                                    I.C. § 74-206                     Executive Sessions—When Authorized

                                    IDAPA 21.01.06               Rules for the Enforcement of the Veteran’s                                                         Preference in Public Employment

Policy History:

Adopted on: 4/9/13

Revised on: 8/20/19; 12/14/21

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