3400F: Extracurricular Consent Form

Gooding Joint School District No. 231

 STUDENTS                                                                                                                            3400F


I have received and have read and understand a copy of the Gooding Schools’

“Extracurricular Activities Drug-Testing Program”.  I desire that                                                     participate in this program and in the extracurricular program of                    School and hereby voluntarily agree to be subject to its terms for the entire high school career (grades 7-12). I accept the method of obtaining urine specimens, testing, and analyses of such specimens and all other aspects of the program. I agree to cooperate in furnishing urine specimens that may be required from time to time.

I further agree and consent to the disclosure of the sampling, testing, and results provided for this program. This consent is given pursuant to all State and Federal Statutes and is a waiver of rights to nondisclosure of such test records and results only to the extent of the disclosures in the program.

Date:                             , 20    


Student Signature                                                       Parent/Guardian Signature



I,                                                                   , have decided not to participate in any extracurricular activities sponsored by                                   School for the remainder of this school year. In order for me to participate in the extracurricular activity program at a later date, I understand that I must submit to urinalysis.

Student Signature                                                       Date


Parent/Guardian Signature                                          Date


Transcript Request Form

Please initial below to acknowledge that you are the student named above and that you have reviewed the information above and agree that it is accurate. By initialing below you endorse this document as legally binding in accordance with the e-sign bill S.761 and release the below initials in lieu of a signature.
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