3275F: Mobile Computing Device Agreement

Gooding Joint School District No. 231


STUDENTS                                                                                                                             3275F




This Agreement is valid for the                                   school year only.


Every student, regardless of age, must read and sign below:


I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms of the Gooding School District’s policies regarding District-provided mobile computing devices (Policy No. 3275). Should any violation or misuse of the device occur while it is in my custody, I understand and agree that I may lose access to the device and will forfeit any fees paid for use of the device, regardless of whether the misuse was committed by me or another person.


I accept full responsibility for the safe and secure handling of the device for this school year. I accept full responsibility for the proper use and safeguarding of the device under all applicable policies. I understand that it is my responsibility to immediately report any damage, theft, or problems with the device to a teacher or administrator.


User’s Name (Print)                                                  Home Phone:                                    


User’s Signature:                                                       Date:                                                 




Status:          I am 18 or older            I am under 18


If I am signing this policy when I am under 18, I understand that when I turn 18, this policy will continue to be in full force and effect and agree to abide by this policy.


Parent or Legal Guardian: If applicant is under 18 years of age, a parent/legal guardian must also read and sign this agreement.


As the parent/guardian of the above student, I understand my child’s responsibility in the use and care of the device and my financial responsibility in the event my student losses the device or is found to be the cause of deliberate or negligent damage to it. I understand that if they are found to be responsible for deliberate or negligent damage or for the loss of the device, I will be financially responsible for reasonable repair/replacement cost.


I have read the District Policy No. 3275 and explained it to my child. I understand that if any violation or misuse of the device occurs while it is in my child’s custody, his/her access privileges to the internet or use of a mobile computing device can be suspended or terminated, that he/she will forfeit any fees paid for use of the device, and that he/she may face other disciplinary measures, regardless of whether the misuse was committed by him/her or another





Parent/Legal Guardian (Print):                                                                                        




Home Phone:                                      






Policy History: Adopted on: 8/14/2017 Revised on:

Transcript Request Form

Please initial below to acknowledge that you are the student named above and that you have reviewed the information above and agree that it is accurate. By initialing below you endorse this document as legally binding in accordance with the e-sign bill S.761 and release the below initials in lieu of a signature.
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