3031: Extracurricular Activities–Eligibility for Students Not Enrolled for Academic Activities

Gooding Jt. School District 231


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Extracurricular Activities – Eligibility for Students Not Enrolled for Academic Activities


The following rules apply for non-public school students who wish to participate in nonacademic school activities, such as extracurricular activities, for which public school students must demonstrate academic proficiency or eligibility. For the purposes of this policy, “non-public school student” means a student who attends a public charter school, home school, or private school, regardless of whether they are dually enrolled for academic or instructional activities as described in Policy 3030:


  1. Non-public school students must meet the same eligibility standards as full-time District students;


  1. The non-public school student must, on any State Board of Education recognized achievement test, portfolio, or other mechanism, demonstrate composite grade-level academic proficiency;


  1. The non-public school student must achieve a minimum composite, core, or survey test score within the average or higher than average range as established by the test service utilized on any nationally-normed test. The minimum score on each assessment is the fifth stanine for the battery total The parents/guardian of a dual enrollment student are responsible for obtaining third party testing for their child at their expense in accordance with I.C. 33-203 and State Board of Education rules. Demonstrated proficiency shall be used to determine eligibility for the current and next school year, not to exceed a period of 12 months from the date the test results are released;


  1. Non-public school students must be provided the opportunity to take State tests or other standardized tests given to all regularly enrolled public school students when pre- arranged with the principal of the building where the student is registered.


  1. A non-public school student will be subject to the same requirements as public school students regarding school attendance on the date of an If the non-public school student is not scheduled to attend academic courses in the District on activity days, the non-public school student’s primary education provider shall provide assurance to the District that such student has met the attendance requirements in the non-public school academic setting. The primary education provider shall also be responsible for the oversight of any other academic standards relating to participation in nonacademic activities.



Cross Reference:        3030                Open Enrollment by Students Who Reside Within and

Outside the District


Legal Reference:        I.C. § 33-203                           Attendance at Schools – Dual Enrollment

I.C. § 33-512                                    Governance of Schools Other Reference:                  IHSAA Rules and Regulations on Eligibility

Policy History: Adopted on: 11/15/22 Revised on: Reviewed on:

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