1300: District Policy

Gooding Jt. School District 231


THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                                                                1300


District Policy


The adoption of new policies and the revision and amending of existing policies shall be the sole responsibility of the Board of Trustees.


All policies shall conform to local, State, and federal laws as well as to the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education.


Adoption and Amendment of Policies


Proposed new policies and proposed changes in existing policies shall be presented in writing for reading and discussion at a regular or special Board meeting. Such proposals may be referred to the Superintendent for detailed study as needed prior to Board action on the proposal. The Board encourages the Superintendent to contact other experts to have potential policies researched. Interested parties, including any Board Member, citizen, or employee of the Board may submit views or present data or arguments, orally or in writing, in support of or in opposition to proposed policy. Any written statement by a person relative to a proposed policy or amendment should be directed to the District clerk prior to the second reading.


Proposed new policies and proposed changes in existing policies shall undergo a minimum of two readings in the following manner:


  1. At a regular or special Board meeting the proposed new or amended policy shall be presented in writing for reading and discussion; and
  2. The final vote for adoption shall take place not earlier than at the second reading of the particular policy.


Although approval of a new or amended policy requires a minimum of two readings, temporary approval may be granted by the Board in lieu of formal policy to meet emergency conditions or special events which will take place before formal action can be taken or the Board can take a majority vote to suspend the two reading requirement for warranted circumstances.


All new or amended policies shall become effective upon adoption, unless a specific effective date is provided in the motion for adoption.


Policies as adopted or amended shall be made a part of the minutes of the meeting at which action was taken and shall also be included in the District’s policy manual. Policies of the District shall be reviewed periodically, unless otherwise detailed in a specific policy by the Board.


Administration in Absence of Policy


In cases where action must be taken before the next Board meeting and where the Board has provided no policies or guides for administrative actions, the Superintendent shall have to power to act.


His or her decisions, however, shall be subject to review by action of the Board at its next regular meeting. In addition, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent to inform the Board of such action and the need for policy.


Suspension of Policies


Under circumstances which require a waiver of a policy, policy may be suspended by a majority vote of the members present. In order to suspend a policy, all Trustees must have received written notice of the meeting which included a proposal to suspend the policies with an explanation of the purpose of such proposed suspension. If such a proposal is not made in writing in advance of the meeting, the policies may only be suspended by a unanimous vote of all Trustees present.


Policy Manuals


The Superintendent shall develop and maintain a current policy manual which contains the policies of the District. Each administrator, as well as staff, students, and other residents, shall have ready access to the manual. All policy manuals distributed to anyone shall remain the property of the District and shall be subject to recall at any time.



Cross References:       1305    Policies and Procedures to Review Annually


Legal References:       I.C. § 33-506               Organization and Government of Board of Trustees

                                    I.C. § 33-512               Governance of Schools


Policy History:

Adopted on: 12/13/11

Revised on: 10/9/18; 12/14/21

Reviewed on:

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