1240: Duties of Individual Trustees

The authority of individual trustees is limited to participating in actions taken by the Board as a whole when legally in session. An individual Board member, including the Chairman, will have power only when the Board, by vote, has delegated authority to him or her. It is contrary to the spirit of the Board’s joint authority for any Board member to seek to individually influence the functions of the District. The Board will make its members, District staff, and the public aware that only the Board acting as a whole has the authority to take official action.

Trustees shall not assume responsibilities of administrators or other staff members. Board members will deal with administrative services through the Superintendent and will not give orders to any subordinates of the Superintendent either publicly or privately, but may make suggestions and recommendations. The Board or District staff shall not be bound by an action taken or statement made by an individual trustee except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instructions and official action taken by the Board.

Each trustee shall review the agenda and any study materials distributed prior to the meeting and be prepared to participate in the discussion and decision-making for each agenda item.

Each member is obligated to attend both regular and special board meetings. Whenever possible, each trustee shall give advance notice to the Chair or Superintendent of the trustee’s inability to attend a Board meeting. A majority of the Board may excuse a trustee’s absence from a meeting if requested to do so.

Cross Reference: 1140 Vacancies

Legal Reference:
I.C. § 33-506 Organization and government of board of trustees.

Policy History:
Adopted on: December 13, 2011
Reviewed on: 10/9/2018
Revised on:

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