8600: Records Management

Gooding Jt. School District No. 231


NONINSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS                                                                              8600


Records Management

A fireproof, waterproof vault will be provided for the retention of public records, including but not limited to minutes, annual audit reports, etc. and for employment and student records.


The Clerk [and others designated by the Superintendent] shall be the Public Records Custodian[s] under the supervision of the Superintendent.


Personnel files and student files are confidential and are to be disclosed only as provided in policy and/or by law. A record of persons examining or copying personnel files or student files, other than administrative staff, shall be kept for each employment file and student file.


All public records will be provided to the public in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho and District Policy 4260.


Record Safety


The Superintendent or designee shall create and enforce a procedure in an effort to keep the District’s data and vital records safe and secure in the event of a possible disaster. Examples of vital records include personnel files, student records, fiscal documents (financial and insurance), etc.


In creating the procedure, the Superintendent or designee shall consider the following:


  1. Physical security;
  2. Backup storage security;
  3. Backup schedule;
  4. Rotate backups;
  5. Remote access;
  6. Personnel authentication;
  7. Backup infrastructure security;
  8. Duplicating records for off-site storage; and
  9. Storing computer tapes and disks in fireproof, waterproof


The procedures should provide for a written comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Such a plan ensures that vital records are backed up daily and that the District will be able to recover operations quickly. In the event of a disaster, the identification and protection of vital records is of great importance.



Legal Reference: IC 74-102 et seq. Public Records Act


Policy History: Adopted on: 9/11/2018 Revised on:10-10-23

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