5430: Insurance Benefits for Employees Trustees

Gooding Joint School District No. 231


PERSONNEL                                                                                                                            5430


Insurance Benefits for Employees/ Trustees


Newly hired certificated employees will be eligible for insurance benefits offered by the District consistent with the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement, if applicable. 


The school District provides health insurance for all personnel who are employed twenty-nine (29) hours or more per week.




  1. Employees working less than 29 hours per week are not eligible to participate in any benefits.


  1. Employees working 29 or more hours per week will be considered full-time employees for insurance purposes. Employees can obtain coverage for spouse and/or dependents of their immediate family.


There may be a thirty (30) day waiting period. Basic coverage is for the period of actual employment.


Employees who do not work during the summer months (June, July, and August), but will return when school starts, will have their insurance paid during the summer months. Should a classified staff member terminate during the year, the insurance will be terminated at that time.


Open enrollment for a new employee is August 10th with coverage starting September 1. The District pays the premium and initiates payroll deduction for dependents after the 30-day waiting period.


The open periods for making changes in health and accident insurance are prior to the 10th of the month of initial employment or within 30 days of a change in dependents or marital status.


Trustee Insurance Participation


Trustees will be allowed to participate in the District’s group health insurance program provided that any trustee who desires to participate in such program shall pay the monthly premium to the District fourteen (14) days in advance of the District’s premium payments to the insurance carrier.  Should any trustee fail to make premium payments as set forth herein, his/her insurance coverage will be automatically cancelled.




Legal Reference:   I.C. § 33-517A                  School districts – Non-certificated employees –

                                                                        Group health insurance

                              I.C. § 33-1271, et seq.       Professional Negotiations Act

                              I.C. § 67-5763                   Governmental body authorized to make contracts

                                                                        for group insurance for officers and employees


Policy History:

Adopted on: 4/9/2013

Revised on: 4/12/2022


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