4420: Visitors to District Property, Including Sex Offenders

Gooding Jt. School District 231

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Visitors to District Property, Including Sex Offenders

The Gooding Joint School District 231 recognizes the danger sex offenders pose to student safety. Therefore, in an effort to protect students while they are under the control and supervision of the District, the District is implementing this policy.

Visitors to and Conduct on School Property

For the purposes of this policy, “school property” means school buildings, District buildings not being used as a school, vehicles used for school purposes, any location being utilized during a school athletic event or other school-sponsored event, properties posted with a notice that they are used by a school, and school grounds.

Visitors are welcome on school property provided their presence will not be disruptive. All visitors, including parents of students (unless otherwise exempted), must initially report to the building principal’s office. Any person wishing to confer with a staff member must contact that staff member by telephone to make an appointment. Conferences with teachers are held outside school hours or during the teacher’s conference/preparation period.

The District expects mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among all individuals on school property or at a school event. No person on school property or at a school event shall:

  1. Injure, threaten, harass, or intimidate a staff member, a School Board Member, sports official or coach, or any other person;
  2. Damage or threaten to damage another’s property;
  3. Damage or deface District property;
  4. Violate any Idaho law, or town or county ordinance;
  5. Smoke or otherwise use tobacco products;
  6. Consume, possess, distribute, or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, or possess dangerous devices or weapons;
  7. Impede, delay, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with any school activity or function, including using cellular phones in a disruptive manner;
  8. Enter upon any portion of school premises at any time for purposes other than those that are lawful and authorized by the School Board;
  9. Operate a motor vehicle:
    1. In a risky manner;
    2. In excess of 20 miles per hour; or
    3. In violation of an authorized District employee’s directive;
  1. Engage in any risky behavior, including rollerblading, roller skating, or skateboarding; or
  2. Violate other District policies or regulations, or an authorized District employee’s directive.

Convicted Sex Offender

State law prohibits a person who is currently registered or is required to register under the sex offender registration act to:

  1. Be on or remain on the premises of a school building or school grounds, or upon other properties posted with a notice that they are used by a school, when the person believes children under the age of 18 years are present and are involved in a school activity or when children are present within 30 minutes before or after a school activity;
  1. Loiter on a public way within 500 feet of the property line of school grounds or a school building when children under the age of 18 years are present;
  1. Be in any vehicle owned, leased, or contracted by a school to transport students to or from school or school-related activities when children under the age of 18 years are present in the vehicle; or
  1. Reside within 500 feet of a school, measured from the nearest point of the exterior wall of the offenders’ dwelling unit to the school’s property line, unless the person’s residence was established prior to July 1, 2006.

All notices posted as required by Idaho Code, shall be at least 100 square inches, make reference to I.C. § 18-8329, include the term “registered sex offender” and be placed at commonly used entrances to the property.

Sample Posted Notice


“This property is used by or as a school. Pursuant to I.C. § 18-8329, registered sex offenders only have limited rights to enter upon or be near school property. Please contact the school district at 208-934-4321 or your probation/parole officer for more information.”

Provided, however, section numbers 1 and 2 immediately above shall not apply when the person:

  1. Is a student in attendance at the school; or
  2. Resides at a State licensed or certified facility for incarceration, health care, or convalescent care; or
  3. Is exercising his or her right to vote in public elections;
  4. Is taking delivery of his or her mail through an official post office located on school grounds;
  5. Has contacted the District Office annually to obtain written permission from the District to be on the school grounds or upon other property posted with a notice that the property is used by a school; or
  6. Stays at a homeless shelter or resides at a recovery facility if such shelter or facility has been approved for sex offenders by the county sheriff or municipal police chief.

[Note: These provisions are required for an individual who is dropping off or picking up a student and is the student’s parent or legal guardian; is attending an academic conference or other scheduled extracurricular event; or is temporarily on school grounds, during school hours, for the purpose of delivering mail, food, or other items.]


An individual seeking written permission as outlined above must contact the District at least 10 work days prior to the first visit. In determining whether to grant written permission as provided above, the District may, in its discretion, consider the nature of the offense committed, the time since an offense has been committed, the safety of the students, the likely disruption caused by the individual’s access to the property, or any other factor. The District will provide a response to the requesting individual within seven days of receipt of the request.


Sex Offender Registry Notification

The Superintendent or his or her designee shall request notification of registered sex offenders in the same or contiguous zip codes as any school within the District. The request can be made to either the Idaho State Police, the local Sheriff’s Department, or the Idaho State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Such request and notification shall be made in accordance with Idaho Code. The information in the sex offender registries is for purposes of protecting the public. It is not to be used for the purpose of harassing or intimidating anyone.

Staff Notification

At a quarterly meeting, the building principal shall disseminate sex offender registry information received. The principal shall inform staff of the roles and responsibilities of staff in dealing with instances of convicted sex offenders on school property, including, but not limited to, sex offenders on school property without approval, and/or if a staff member is the school official assigned to escort the sex offender.

When sex offender registry information is disseminated by the principal, it shall include a notice that such information should not be shared with others and may only be used for the purposes discussed in this policy and in accordance with Idaho Code. Employees who share registry information with others may be disciplined.


Any staff member may request identification from any person on school property. Any staff member shall seek the immediate removal of any person who refuses to provide requested identification.

As circumstances warrant, the District’s administrators shall take appropriate action to enforce this policy. Violations will be handled as follows:

  1. Anyone observing a parent/guardian or other person violating this policy shall immediately notify the building principal or designee. The principal or designee will request that the person act civilly or otherwise refrain from the prohibited conduct. If the person persists with uncivil or prohibited behavior, the principal shall request that the person immediately leave school property and may contact law enforcement, if appropriate.
  1. If a sex offender violates this policy, school officials shall immediately contact law enforcement.

Legal References:       I.C. § 18-916                     Abuse of School Teachers

                                    I.C. § 18-8323                   Public Access to Sexual Offender Registry                                                         Information

                                    I.C. § 18-8324                   Dissemination of Registry Information

                                    I.C. § 18-8326                   Penalties for Vigilantism or Other Misuse of                                                       Information

                                    I.C. § 18-8329                   Adult Criminal Sex Offenders – Prohibited                                                         Access to School Children

                                    I.C. § 33-512(11)              Governance of Schools – District Permitted to                                                    Prohibit Entry to School Grounds     

Policy History:

Adopted on: 8/7/12

Revised on: 10/19/15; 1/11/22

Reviewed on:

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