4210: Community Use of School Facilities

Gooding Jt. School District 231


COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                                                                                 4210


Community Use of School Facilities


School facilities are available to the community for education, civic, cultural, and other non- commercial uses consistent with the public interest, when such use does not interfere with the school program or school-sponsored activities. Such facilities may also be used for the operation of a senior citizen center. Use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses. Persons on school premises must abide by the District’s conduct rules at all times.


Student and school-related organizations shall be granted the use of school facilities at no cost. Other organizations granted the use of the facility shall pay fees and costs. The Superintendent shall develop procedures to manage community use of school facilities, which shall be reviewed and approved by the Board. Use of school facilities requires the Superintendent’s approval and is subject to the procedures.


Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered an endorsement of or approval of the activity, person, group, or organization nor the purposes they represent.


The administration shall approve and schedule the various uses of the school facilities. A master calendar will be kept in the office for scheduling dates to avoid conflicts during the school year. Requests for use of the school facilities must be submitted in advance of the event to the Superintendent’s office.


Proper protection, safety, and care of school property shall be primary considerations in the use of school facilities. All facility use shall comply with State and local fire, health, safety, and police regulations. All individuals using school facilities shall comply with the policies of this Board.



Legal References:       I.C. § 33-601                     School Property – Real and Personal Property —

Acquisition, Use or Disposal of the Same

I.C. § 33-602                     Use of School Property or Buildings for Senior

Citizen Centers

I.C. § 74-604                     Public Funds Prohibited

Lamb’s Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free School District, 508 U.S. 384 (1993).


Policy History: Adopted on: 8/7/12 Revised on: 11/15/22 Reviewed on:






4210-1                                                 (ISBA 1/22 UPDATE)

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