4200: School-Support Organizations

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School-Support Organizations


The Board recognizes that parent, teacher, and student organizations are an invaluable resource to the District schools and so supports their formation and vitality.  While parent, teacher and student organizations have no administrative authority and cannot determine District policy, their suggestions and assistance are always welcome.  Membership must be open and unrestricted.


Booster clubs and/or special interest organizations may be formed to support and strengthen specific activities conducted within the school or District.  All such groups must receive the approval of the school principal, Superintendent and the Board in order to be recognized as a booster organization.  These organizations must keep on file in the Superintendent’s office a record of officers, bylaws, mailing addresses and other pertinent information as may be required by the Superintendent.  Staff participation, cooperation and support are encouraged in such recognized organizations. However, the District will have no control over Booster or other special interest activities, funds or personnel, and District employee participation should be limited to volunteer involvement, separate and apart from the employee’s job duties with the District.


Approving Activities of Booster Organizations


Booster-proposed plans, projects or activities must be evaluated and promoted in light of their stated contribution to the curricular as well as the extracurricular programs of the District.  Careful consideration must be given to the total value of all students, rather than to specific elements such as team participants. Booster activities may be subject to the same facilities use requirements as other non-district organizations. Exceptions may be made in the discretion of the Superintendent or designee.


In order to receive Board approval and/or recognition, annually, booster organizations must submit to the Superintendent or designee their tentative goals and objectives along with their fundraising plans for the next school year for review by the Board.  Should the goals and objectives or fundraising plans change during the school year, the Superintendent or designee should be advised before any final revisions are made.


Booster organizations must abide by all District policies as well as the following:


  1. Booster organizations may not use the District’s tax ID number.
  2. Booster organizations may not accept checks made out to the District.  The District may not accept checks made out to the booster organization.
  3. District officials should not have a leadership role in booster organizations. Exceptions may be made with approval from Superintendent when there are not enough people to hold leadership roles and business would not be able to be conducted.
  4. Fundraising activities should not occur on District premises or during school hours unless permission has been given by the Superintendent or designee.
  5. Booster organizations must submit to the Board or designee for review and approval of annual reports on income, expenses and balance sheets.


Fund-Raising by School Support Groups


Fund-raising by school groups and school support groups is considered a usual and desirable part of the function of such groups.  For booster clubs which have received recognition and been approved by the Board, the specific fund-raising activities must be approved in advance by the principal or designee. The request form is found in policy 4200F1.


Failure to consult with a principal or designee prior to the fundraising activity may result in termination of recognition and/or approval of such booster organization by the Board.  It is anticipated that all funds raised by school support groups are to be used for the direct or indirect support of school programs.  Equipment purchased by support groups and donated to the schools becomes the property of the District and may be used or disposed of in accordance with District policy and state law.


Announcements of booster organization events and activities should clearly indicate that it is sponsored by a group and not the school or district.  Groups should warrant that the activities will be adequately supervised.


Financial Records


Recognized and approved booster organizations shall handle their own accounting and bookkeeping procedures and maintain their own separate accounts for income and expenditures.  However, each organization shall be required to submit an annual financial report to the Superintendent giving a full accounting of their financial dealings for the year including money raised and expended.  The organization shall also submit to the Superintendent backup documentation if requested.  Adequate and auditable financial records shall be maintained at all times. 


In order to parallel District fiscal periods, booster organizations should use a fiscal reporting period that begins July 1 and ends June 30.  Only elected officers of the booster organization may be authorized to sign checks drawn on the bank account of the organization.  Two signatures are required on all organization checks.  Persons authorized to sign may not be related nor live in the same house.  An employee of the school may not be authorized to sign checks drawn on the bank account of a booster organization operating related to that school.


No member or officer of any school associated organization shall draw a salary or receive wages of any kind in connection with their work with any school associated organization with the exception that members or officers may be reimbursed for personal expenditures made on behalf of the organization to a maximum of $1,000.00 per year as verified by actual receipts.  Any school associated organization failing to submit an annual financial statement as required by this policy shall be subject to having the Board approval withdrawn and will no longer be allowed to raise funds on behalf of the schools or use the name of any school or of the District in any way, or imply or infer that they are a school associated organization.





Any booster organization shall be required to conduct annual audits of their financial records.  The District does not require booster organizations to hire an audit committee or qualified accountant to conduct the organization’s audit. The District will not be responsible for completing the audit. Failure to perform the audit may result in withdrawal of recognition and/or approval of the booster organization, and the organization may no longer be allowed to raise funds on behalf of the District or use the name of any school or of the District in any way, or imply or infer that they are associated with the District or school.


Liability and Insurance


The District requires any booster organization or like organization to obtain and keep current liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 naming the District as additional insureds.


High School Activities Association Regulations


The Idaho High School Activities Association Rules and Regulations prohibits remuneration of any kind from any source outside the local school board in return for services rendered in instructing or coaching any high school athletic team.  Said prohibition shall also apply to any coach, instructor or advisor of other teams, clubs, groups, etc.  Coaches, instructors or advisors may receive appreciation gifts from team members, students parent or community organizations that do not exceed the value of an IHSAA player award.


Parameters for Use of the District’s Name, Logo or Mascot and Revocation of Use


The use of the District or any school name, logo or mascot by booster organizations must be authorized by the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee may revoke the authorization to use the District’s name, logo or mascot if the Superintendent or designee determines that the booster organization has failed to comply with the terms of this policy or any other District policy.  The Superintendent or designee will notify the booster organization in writing of the reason for the revocation.  The booster organization may appeal the revocation to the Board whose decision will be final.  The appeal must be filed in writing and submitted to the Board Clerk no later than five business days from the date of the Superintendent/designee’s letter.


In the event a booster organizations authorization to use the District’s name, logo or mascot is revoked, the booster organization will within three business days of the final decision provide to the District notification of the intended disposition of booster funds. Such disposition may include donation of all booster funds into the District’s general account.







Any item that a booster organization proposes to contribute to the school must meet all legal requirements, including safety codes.  Before accepting any such donation, the Superintendent must ensure that funding is available to install and maintain all donated equipment, such as playground equipment, in compliance with all safety requirements.  All items donated become the property of the District.  While the intent of the donation will be considered, the District reserves the right to modify the use if the needs of the students or the District change.




The District and booster organizations may not create a vast difference in benefits or services to female and male athletes and/or students.  The District and booster organization must ensure that any contribution by the booster organization does not create a disparity in participation opportunities, equipment, facilities, etc. between males and females. Where it is apparent that a disparity may be created by benefits or services provided by a booster organization, the District may reject an intended donation, or in extreme situations, withdraw recognition and/or approval of the booster organization


Cross Reference:         4210    Community Use of School Facilities


Legal Reference:         Office of Civil Rights, Title IX Athletics Investigator’s Manual (dated


                                    34 C.F.R. § 106.31(b)(6)

                                    34 C.F.R. § 106.41


Other Reference:         Idaho High School Activities Association, 2011-2012 Rules

                                    and Regulations Manual




Policy History:

Adopted on: August 7, 2012

Revised on: 3/8/2022



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