3440: Student Fees, Fines, and Charges/Return Property

Gooding Joint School District No. 231

STUDENTS                                                                                                                               3440

Student Fees, Fines and Charges / Return of Property


Within the concept of free public education, the District shall provide an educational program for the students as free of costs as possible.


A student may be charged a reasonable fee for any course or activity not reasonably related to a recognized academic and educational goal of the District or any course or activity held outside normal school functions. The Board may waive the fee in cases of financial hardship.


The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent to establish appropriate fees and procedures governing the collection of fees and to make annual reports to the Board regarding fee schedules. Fees may be required for the actual cost of breakage and of excessive supplies used in courses such as commercial, industrial arts, music, domestic science, science or agriculture. The District will charge no book or registration fees for core classes. The District may charge rental fees for District owned music instruments. For projects that students make and take home, the cost of the material may be required to be paid by the student.


A student shall be responsible for the cost of replacing materials or property that is lost or damaged due to negligence. The District may require, as a condition of graduation, issuance of a diploma or certificate, issuance of a transcript, that all indebtedness incurred by a student be satisfied, or that all books or other instructional material, uniforms, athletic equipment, advances on loans or other personal property of the District be returned.


Legal reference:     I.C. § 33-603         Payment of fees or returning of property



Policy History:

Adopted on: July 17, 2012 Revised on:



















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