3305: Prohibition of Tobacco Possession and Use

Gooding Joint School District No. 231

STUDENTS                                                                                                                               3305

Prohibition of Tobacco Possession and Use


The Board recognizes that tobacco use by students presents a health and safety hazard that can have serious consequences for both users and nonusers and the school environment.


The Board prohibits tobacco use and possession by students at any time in a school building or on any school property, buses, vans, or vehicles that are owned, leased, or controlled by the District. Tobacco use and possession by students is also prohibited at school-sponsored activities that are held off school property.


The District may initiate discipline according to the District’s Student Discipline policy and/or prosecution of a student who possesses or uses tobacco in violation of this policy.




For the purposes of this policy, tobacco use shall be defined as the use and/or possession of a lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, smokeless tobacco in any form, and other smoking products specifically including electronic cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or vaporizer smoking devices.



Cross Reference:  3300                      Drug Free School Zone

3330                      Student Discipline

Legal Reference: I.C. § 39-5703        Possession, Distribution, or Use by a Minor Policy History:

Adopted on: August 11, 2014 Revised on:

















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