3255C: Student Dress During Health Emergency

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Student Dress During Health Emergency


One of the fundamental purposes of school is to provide the foundation for the creation and development of a proper attitude toward education. In order to further this purpose, it is essential to create and maintain an effective teaching and learning environment. Student attire impacts the teaching and learning environment. It can either promote a more effective educational environment, or it can disrupt the educational climate and process. Student attire that is acceptable for some social settings may not be acceptable for the educational environment of school.


Students are reminded that their appearance, clothing, and grooming, significantly affect the way others respond to them. Matters of dress remain primarily the responsibility of students, in consultation with their parents/legal guardians. Nevertheless, since it is the duty of the Board of Trustees to provide an educational atmosphere conducive to learning; minimizing disruptions or distractions; and to protect the health, safety, and morals of students, all students will adhere to the following certain minimum standards of dress when the student is on any school premises or at any school sponsored activity, regardless of location.


In general, students are not to wear or carry items of apparel (clothing, accessories, cosmetics, tattoos, jewelry—including body piercings) which depict or allude to, by picture, symbol, or word, drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; controlled substances; drug paraphernalia; gangs; violence; sexually explicit, lewd, indecent, or offensive material; or illegal acts. The wearing, use, or display of any gang clothing or attire jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign, codes, or other things which evidence membership or affiliation in any gang (based upon the principal’s or his or her designee’s reasonable belief that gangs may be present in a school) is prohibited on any school premises or at any school sponsored activity, regardless of location.


Head coverings are inappropriate in the school building during regular school hours, unless the principal or designee specifically makes an exception to the policy.


Unless the principal or designee indicates otherwise, students will wear footwear at all times.


The Board of Trustees urges parents and students to exercise sound judgment, based upon the standard of appropriateness for the school setting. For example, clothing exposing bare midriffs and short shorts and skirts will not be allowed. The Superintendent or his or her designee is hereby authorized to promulgate regulations consistent with the provisions of this policy.





Masks and Personal Protective Equipment



Students are encouraged to wear a mask or other appropriate face covering that shields their mouth and nose while present in any school building. The District does not require the use of face coverings and will not provide such coverings unless at the discretion of the building principal. The Board’s decision to not require face coverings is based on a review of the circumstances in the community and consultation with local health officials on issues including but not limited to the possibility of exposure and availability of masks.


This policy’s other provisions, including but not limited to its prohibition of pictures or symbols which are sexually explicit, violent, or signal gang membership, shall apply to face masks.


Interpretation and Implementation of Policy


The building principal/designee shall use reasonable discretion in interpreting and implementing the provisions of this policy. If a conflict arises in the interpretation of this policy, the interpretation of the building principal or designee shall be final. Principals, administrators, and teachers shall use reasonable discretion in enforcing this policy.




Teachers and administrators may deny class entrance to students dressed or otherwise adorned inappropriately until arrangements may be made for their proper attire. All time missed from classes for failure to adhere to this policy will be deemed unexcused absences. Parents/guardians will be notified each time a student is asked to leave school because of inappropriate attire.

Students who are insubordinate or refuse to change the improper attire, or who repeat dress code violations shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion, depending on all the facts and circumstances, for violating the standards of student conduct.


Temporary Exceptions


In order to allow appropriate attire for a particular educational or school activity, the building principal or his or her designee has the authority to grant temporary exceptions to specific provisions of this policy and related regulations. An example of such an exception might be where a specially scheduled school event required a group of students to dress unusually on a particular day.




The District will seek to accommodate cultural, religious, and ethnic differences in dress and grooming, provided such dress or grooming does not materially or substantially disrupt the educational process of the school or create a health or safety hazard for students, staff, or others. No student shall be required to modify their natural head or facial hair, such as by shaving or straightening through the application of heat or chemicals.



Cross Reference:         3255                                  Student Dress



Legal References:       I.C. § 33-506                     District Trustees – Organization and

Government of Board of Trustees

I.C. § 33-512(6)                District Trustees – Governance of Schools


Policy History: Adopted on: 9-8-2020 Revised on: Reviewed on:

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