3030: Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Gooding Joint School District No. 231


Part-Time Attendance / Dual Enrollment

For purposes of this policy the term “non-District school student” is any student who is enrolled in a non-public school (including a home school or private school), enrolled in a public charter school or enrolled in a post-secondary institution other than Gooding School District.

Any non-District school student will be allowed to enroll in the District and be entitled to participate in any program (curricular or extracurricular), subject to the same requirements as other students who are enrolled full-time in the District and subject to the requirements set forth below in this policy. At no time shall any non-District school student enroll for a program at the District where such enrollment would result in the student being “doubly enrolled” in an educational program (i.e. taking Algebra I from two different providers at the same time).

Non-District school students admitted to the District shall only be on school property during the hours of enrollment or as otherwise indicated by the Superintendent or Principal. The District will not be responsible for the student during non-enrollment hours or times. Any transportation needs for such students not provided for otherwise under this policy during the school day shall be the sole responsibility of the student and his/her parents or guardian.


The parent/legal guardian of any non-District school student wishing to admit their son/daughter in this District for any academic or nonacademic program must register the student and provide the following prior to acceptance of any such student:

  1. Birth certificate;

  2. Evidence of residency within the District;

  3. Immunization records (or an appropriate waiver); and

  4. Student records from the previously attended public school, if any, and any other records providing academic background information.

  5. Full disclosure of any other current school of attendance, including private school, home schooling or public charter school, including identification of all courses of instruction currently taking/enrolled and total hours of education currently being received by the student through any other educational program as herein detailed.

Extracurricular Activities

The following rules apply for a non-District school student to be eligible to participate in nonacademic school activities (i.e., extracurricular activities) for which District school students must demonstrate academic proficiency or eligibility:

  1. Eligibility standards must be met the same as other regular full-time students;

  2. The non-District school student must, on any state board of education recognized achievement test, portfolio, or other mechanism, demonstrate composite grade- level academic proficiency;

  3. The non-District school student must achieve a minimum composite, core or survey test score within the average or higher than average range as established by the test service utilized on any nationally-normed test. The minimum score on each assessment is the fifth (5th) stanine for the battery total score. The parents or guardian of a dual enrollment student are responsible for obtaining third party testing for their child at their expense in accordance with I.C. 33-203 and State Board of Education rules. Demonstrated proficiency shall be used to determine eligibility for the current and next school year, not to exceed a period of twelve

(12) months from the date the test results are released;

  1. Non-District school students must be provided the opportunity to take state tests or other standardized tests given to all regularly enrolled public school students when pre-arranged with the principal of the building where the student is registered. A fee may be assessed to cover extra administration costs.

  2. A non-District school student will be subject to the same requirements as public school students regarding school attendance on the date of an activity. If the non- District school student is not scheduled to attend academic courses in the District on activity days, the non-District school student’s primary education provider shall provide assurance to the District that such student has met the attendance requirements in the non-District school academic setting.

A transportation and operation fee may be charged to students participating in extracurricular activities. Any non-District school student would be subject to the same fees and/or requirements as other students who are enrolled full-time in the District. In addition, any non-District school student or student enrolled less than half-time each semester, as defined by this policy, participating in extracurricular activities may be subject to an additional charge to cover indirect costs related to extracurricular activities of the District (i.e. salaries, benefits, building operation costs, equipment, etc.). The Board of Trustees will establish a fee rate for extracurricular participation annually, and this rate will be made available each year.


Priority for enrollment, when school programs reach maximum capacities, will be given to students enrolled on a regular full-time basis. If a number of non-District school students request admission into the same class, program, or activity, they will be accepted on a first-come basis.

In the event the class enrollment position of a non-District school student is needed for a regular full-time student during the course of the year, the full-time student will have priority for the position beginning with the semester after the need is identified.

Average Daily Attendance

Students who are dually enrolled (i.e., enrolled on a part-time basis) shall be used in calculating the District’s state fund, but only to the extent of the student’s participation in District programs.

The costs associated for a dually enrolled non-District school student who is also in attendance/enrolled with a public charter school, shall solely be addressed through a proportional sharing of ADA funding with the public charter school based upon the proportion of attendance at each program. The District and public charter school shall jointly determine which school shall report the student for ADA funding purposes and thereafter reimbursement shall occur to the other public school program.

An example of such situation would include:

Student attending public charter school (including a virtual public charter school) for courses in English, Geography, and History and attending the District for courses in Math and Science. The Public Charter School would receive 3/5ths of ADA generated funds and District would receive 2/5ths of ADA generated funds.

The public school with the greatest percentage of attendance by the student shall be the public school reporting the student for ADA purposes, thereafter providing proportional payment to the second public school for attendance, unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, between the two public schools for purposes of greater funding amounts. In the situation of equal attendance for ADA calculation, the student shall be reported for ADA purposes by the public school which would obtain the greatest economic benefit for ADA recovery, thereafter proportionally sharing ADA funds with the second public school.


All non-District school students will be eligible for District transportation services. A public charter school student or non-public student, upon admission to a school in this District, may ride a school bus on regularly scheduled routes (including activity bus routes) and use regularly established bus stops or stops which would require no deviation from the regularly established bus route. No alteration of routes will be made to specially accommodate a dual enrollment student. If a dual enrollment student attends only part time, the District may furnish transportation at the regularly scheduled time closest to the time period for which a student is enrolled (i.e., morning busing for a.m. classes or afternoon busing for p.m. classes). The District will not provide such transportation if there is no available space, if the furnishing of such transportation would cause a deviation or alteration of the regularly established bus routes or stops or if the furnishing of such transportation would require the purchase of additional or substitute equipment.

If a dually enrolled student is enrolled in classes or activities at Gooding School District which are not contiguous in time (i.e. a first period and a fourth period class), the student shall not be on the school premises other than when the program or activity for which the student is enrolled is taking place. The District shall not be responsible for the care or supervision of the student in any form for periods before, in between or after the programs or activities for which the student is properly enrolled. Any transportation needs for such students not provided for otherwise under this policy during the school day shall be the sole responsibility of the student and his/her parents or guardians.


In order to graduate from this District, all non-District school students must meet the grade and other graduation requirements the same as regular full-time students.

Mixed Curriculum

If a public charter school student or non-public student wishes to attend activities or programs in a particular discipline, in a class or grade where the curriculum is merged or integrated, such request shall be made in writing particularizing the subject matter presentment which the student desires to attend (i.e., art instruction in a third grade class). The teacher and principal of that school shall, upon request, provide scheduling information to the dual enrollment student. It shall be the dual enrollment student’s responsibility to contact the District and ascertain when such subject matter will be presented. Where certain subject matter is integrated into a mixed curriculum, no change in the presentation of that curriculum needs to be made because of a nonpublic student’s request for attendance. It is also the intent of this policy to insure that the

teacher’s right to integrate disciplines and be flexible in planning and modifying the daily classroom presentations shall not be hindered or restricted in any way.

IDEA/ADA/Section 504 Students

Parents who wish dual enrollment students to be enrolled in special programs must comply with the requirements of the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504).

Requests by parents for an evaluation of the student by the multidisciplinary or child study team shall determine if special services are appropriate for the student. Providing special services are needed by the student then programs will be provided when possible. Until such determination is made, such special educational services or accommodations will not be provided.

Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-203 Dual enrollment

I.C. § 33-1001, et. seq. Average Daily Attendance IDAPA Dual Enrollment

Policy History:

Adopted on: July 17, 2012

Revised on: August 11, 2014; October 11, 2016

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