3020P: Enrollment and Attendance Records

Gooding Joint School District No. 231


Enrollment and Attendance Records

Average Daily Attendance

A day of attendance is one in which a pupil is physically present for a full day (at least four (4) hours for grades 1 through 12 (1-12) and at least two and one-half (2 ½) hours for kindergarten) under the guidance and direction of a teacher or other authorized school personnel while school is in session or is a homebound student under the instruction of a teacher employed by the District.

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is the aggregate number of days enrolled students are present divided by the number of days of school in the reporting period. Student attending school in another state bordering the student’s resident district shall be counted for purposes of ADA. Students for whom no Idaho school district is a home district shall not be counted for purposes of ADA. Funding for districts is based on ADA and must be accurate.

Attendance Accounting:

Days present and absent for every student are be recorded in each building for the purpose of informing parents of a student’s attendance record.

Fractional Daily Attendance

Beginning in fiscal year 2013, fractional counting will apply to students enrolled in more than one school district or public charter school, or who are enrolled in one or more online courses where the Gooding School District is not the content provider.

For those students attending more than one district or public charter school, the student’s daily attendance shall be counted based on the portion of the student’s daily attendance at the Gooding School District. Absent any rule to the contrary, the District will count the student’s attendance based on the number of periods attended in the District over the total number of periods the student is taking during the day.

For those students taking online courses subject to fractional counting, and whose home district is the Gooding School District, daily attendance shall be counted as if the student attended the Gooding School District for a full day. Within 30 days of the date that the State Department of Education identifies the fraction of attendance attributable to online classes, and furnishes a dollar amount attributable to such fractional attendance, the Gooding School District will remit payment to the online content provider as provided by law. Such timing may be modified in the discretion of the Board or the Board’s designee.

Cross Reference: 2440 Alternative Credit Options and Online Courses

Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-1001 Definitions

I.C. § 33-1002E Pupils attending school in another state

I.C. § 33-1002A Fractional average daily attendance

IDAPA Day of Attendance (ADA) – Grades One Through Twelve (1-12)

IDAPA Day in Session When Counting Pupils in Attendance

IDAPA Day of Attendance – Kindergarten

Procedure History: Promulgated on: July 17, 2012 Revised on:

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