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Gooding Joint School District No. 231



Accreditation Standards

The Board will comply with all accreditation standards established by the State Board of Education. The District uses the Northwest Accreditation Standards for secondary education, serving grades 9-12, as required by law. Accreditation is voluntary for elementary schools, grades K-8.

The District will timely submit an annual accreditation report to the State Board of Education. Continuous Progress Education

The Board acknowledges its responsibility for developing and implementing a curriculum designed to provide for sequential intellectual and skill development necessary for students to progress on a continuous basis from the elementary through secondary school.

The Superintendent is directed to develop instructional programs that will enable each student to learn at the student’s best rate. The instructional program shall strive to provide for:

  1. placement of a student at the student’s functional level;

  1. learning materials and methods of instruction considered to be most appropriate to the student’s learning style; and

  1. evaluation to determine if the desired student outcomes have been achieved.

Each year, the Superintendent shall determine the degree to which such instructional programs are being developed and implemented. Accomplishment reports submitted annually shall provide the Board with the necessary information to make future program improvement decisions.

Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-119 Accreditation of Secondary Schools – Standards for

Elementary Schools IDAPA Accreditation

Policy History:

Adopted on: May 8, 2012 Revised on:


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