2600: Promotion/Retention

Gooding Joint School District No. 231



The Board recognizes that students of the same age are at many intellectual and developmental levels and that these differences are a normal part of human development. Because of these differences, the administration and teaching staff are directed to make every effort to develop curricula and programs which meet the individual and unique needs of all students and allow them to remain with their age cohorts.

It is the philosophy of the District that students thrive best when placed or promoted to grade levels with other students who have compatible age, physical, and social/emotional status. It is our philosophy to promote students who demonstrate effort within those compatibilities. It is equally our philosophy and practice to retain students who do not make a reasonable effort to meet grade level expectations, as long as those expectations are commensurate with the

individual student’s ability and rate of learning.

A student may be retained should the student not have reached a standard of achievement necessary for satisfactory progress in the next grade. Retention may also be used occasionally for a child who is not sufficiently mature socially, emotionally, mentally, or physically.

If possible, retention will be accomplished before the student leaves the primary grades. Retention should be considered only after other options have been pursued and parents informed. Whenever possible and advisable, the child will be assigned to a different teacher for the second year in the grade. No more than two (2) years in one (1) grade will be permitted, and a student will be retained no more than twice in elementary school. Sending a student to the next grade who has not satisfactorily completed the educational program at his/her grade level will be designated a Social Promotion on report cards and permanent records. Since high school students have the option of retaking classes on an individual basis to remedy failing grades, the Social Promotion will only be implemented from grades one (1) through eight (8). Students who are socially promoted will have their actual grades recorded on report cards and permanent records.

The final decision for retention or social promotion will be made by the building principal after considering the judgments of the parents, classroom teacher(s), and involved professional staff.

Any required high school English course that a student fails must be retaken the following year.

Acceleration or double promotion will be used only in rare and extreme cases. The final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees after considering the judgments and recommendations of the building principal, parents, classroom teacher(s), and involved professional staff.

Should the child’s parent or guardian wish to appeal the retention decision, the principal will aid them in contacting the Superintendent or designee to initiate appeal. Should the appeal not be resolved, the parent or guardian may then appeal to the Board and will be heard in executive session. In such instances, a notice will be placed in the child’s file that the retention or promotion was a parent decision and not recommended by the school.

MAPP Participation and Early Graduation Incentives

The Superintendent is authorized to create any procedures necessary to assist students to achieve early graduation, as well create incentives for participation in any early graduation program. The District has agreed to participate in the MAPP program, and the Superintendent is authorized to create any procedures necessary to comply with the MAPP Program.

The Superintendent is further authorized to create any procedures necessary for students participating in obtaining dual credit for early completers during their senior year of high school. Attendance for students participating in such program during the senior year of high school will be counted as normal for public school funding purposes.

Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-512 Governance of Schools

I.C. § 33-1620, et seq. Mastery Advancement Pilot Program

I.C. § 33-1626 Dual Credit for Early Completers

Policy History:

Adopted on: May 8, 2012 Revised on:

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