2470: Self-Directed-Learners

Gooding Jt. School District 231


INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                        2470


Self-Directed Learners


Gooding Jt. School District 231 offers students the opportunity to be designated as a self-directed learner for the purpose of being granted additional flexibility in meeting the District’s graduation requirements. This allows students to tailor their education activities to meet individual learning goals developed in consultation with the student’s supervising teacher and their parent/guardian.


Students designated as a self-directed learner shall have a right to flexible learning to support their postsecondary goals. Flexible learning may include


  1. Flexible attendance requirements;
  2. Attending school virtually;
  3. Extended learning opportunities as described in Policy 2460; and
  4. Any other agreed-upon learning inside or outside the classroom This may include, but is not limited to curriculum compacting, acceleration, or credit by examination.


This flexibility may be used to allow the student to make use of the District’s educational resources in customized ways and/or to allow the student to pursue educational opportunities outside of those offered by the District.


The District maintains a policy of not charging a fee for any course for which academic credit is awarded. In keeping with this policy and with the State Constitution’s requirement to maintain a system of free public schools, the learning activities incorporated into the student’s program of flexible learning may not include activities for which a fee is charged.


Additionally, the learning activities incorporated into the student’s program of flexible learning may not include activities for religious purposes.


A student’s self-directed learner status may be terminated if the teacher supervising the student’s self-directed learning determines that the student is failing to meet the requirements laid out in Procedure 2470P or is failing to complete assignments within the time provided.


The process for designating a student as a self-directed learner and maintaining this designation is provided in Procedure 2470P. This procedure shall be reviewed and approved by the Board prior to promulgation and prior to any revision of the procedure.


Each year, the District shall report to the State Department of Education the number of students in attendance who are designated as self-directed learners.



Cross References:       2435    Advanced Opportunities

                                    2460    Extended Learning Opportunities

                                    3440    Student Fees, Fines, and Charges/Return of Property


Legal References:       Constitution of the State of Idaho, Article IX, Section 1 Legislature to Establish System of Free Schools

                                    Constitution of the State of Idaho, Article § XI Religious Test and Teaching in School Prohibited

I.C. § 33-512D            Self-Directed Learner Designation

                                    I.C. § 33-1001             Definitions


Policy History:

Adopted on:  8/9/22

Revised on:

Reviewed on:   

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