2435F: Advanced Opportunities Participation Form

Gooding Jt. School District 231


INSTRUCTION                                                                              2435F


Advanced Opportunities Participation Form


This participation form allows students to participate in the Fast Forward program through the Idaho State Department of Education as authorized by Idaho Code 33, Chapter 46: Advanced Opportunities. By signing this form, the student and parent/guardian agree to the conditions and provisions of the program.


Students are allocated a total of $4,125 to use in grades 7-12. Funds can be used towards:


  1. Overload courses; high school credits taken in excess of the full credit load offered by the public high school, up to $225 per course. Definitions of full credit load may vary between


  1. Dual credits; a maximum of $75 per credit;


  1. Examinations; Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and College Level Examination Program;


  1. Career Technical Education (CTE) examinations that lead to an industry-recognized certificate, license, or degree;


  1. Eligible CTE workforce training courses up to $500 per course and $1,000 per year; and


  1. Federal, registered workforce training programs that lead to regional “in demand”


Students should meet with their guidance counselor to develop a 4, 5, or 6 year learning plan that will help them maximize the benefits of this program according to the student’s college and career interests. Intentional selection of coursework is a critical element of these programs.


All courses paid for by Fast Forward must be transcribed on the student’s public high school transcript.


The parent/guardian and student understand that he or she will be held responsible for tuition and fees incurred as a result of participation in courses or exams taken from a college, university, or other provider, and will be responsible for complying with policies and procedures set forth by the provider.


The Idaho State Department of Education will send payment for courses to the public Idaho post- secondary institution or the student’s school district. Eligibility for payment is subject to the deadlines and procedures set forth by the District in partnership with course and exam providers. All payment requests must be submitted through the Advanced Opportunities portal according to District guidelines.


If a student fails to earn credit for a course paid for by Fast Forward, the student must subsequently pay for a “like” course on their own before he or she is eligible for further Fast Forward funding. If a student performs inadequately on an examination paid for by Fast Forward, the local school district will decide whether the student may continue utilizing Fast Forward funding, or if he or she must pay for the cost of a “like” examination before using further funds. Fast Forward funds may not be used for repeated or remedial course work.

With the approval of the District, students can track expenditures of their allocation by creating an account in the Advanced Opportunities portal.


This form will be retained by the District.


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Transcript Request Form

Please initial below to acknowledge that you are the student named above and that you have reviewed the information above and agree that it is accurate. By initialing below you endorse this document as legally binding in accordance with the e-sign bill S.761 and release the below initials in lieu of a signature.
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