2395: Idaho Digital Learning Academy Classes

Gooding Joint School District No. 231

INSTRUCTION                                                                                2395

Idaho Digital Learning Academy Classes


The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is a legislatively created virtual school designed to provide Idaho students with greater access to an assortment of courses while working in collaboration with public schools. IDLA offers educational opportunities that meet students’ changing needs and grants students the flexibility of learning anytime, anyplace, and at a pace that meets their individual learning styles.


The District will use IDLA classes to supplement its curriculum and to provide remedial academic support.


Site Coordinator


The District will provide an individual, employed by the District, as a Site Coordinator. The Site Coordinator is to regularly motivate and monitor the progress of students. The role of the Site Coordinator is to:


  1. Advise students on appropriate courses for
  2. Ensure that students are completing work on a timely basis, including checking grades online every three
  3. Proctor final
  4. Facilitate communications with students’ parents/guardians regarding course progress and the IDLA instructor.


Additionally, the Site Coordinator is a contact for the IDLA instructor and IDLA staff. A Site Coordinator shall be assigned to each District. Anyone selected as a District Site Coordinator shall successfully complete the IDLA online Site Coordinator Course. The cost of the IDLA online Site Coordinator Course shall be paid by the District.


Student and Course Selection


District administrators, counselors, and teachers will identify those students who will benefit from IDLA classes.


At the discretion of the principal or designee, students may be selected to take IDLA courses who:


  1. Need to make up credits in order to graduate on schedule;
  2. Are eligible for hospital or homebound programs;
  3. Are interested in advanced placement or dual credit courses;
  4. Want to supplement their curriculum by taking course(s) not offered at their school;


  1. Have scheduling conflicts;
  2. Want to accelerate their academic program by taking additional courses to facilitate early graduation;
  3. Are excused from being physically present on the campus of their school of record for an extended period of


Students may be denied the privilege of IDLA enrollment if their academic and behavioral record does not indicate the academic ability and self-discipline needed to succeed in online classes.


The parent or guardian, student, and principal or designee must confer and agree that course(s) selected is (are) academically and developmentally appropriate for the student and that all prerequisites as determined by the student’s school of record have been completed before registration in an IDLA course.


Ethical Conduct


Any student attending classes through IDLA shall adhere to the District’s Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks policies and any acceptable use policy implemented by IDLA. Additionally, the student and the student’s parent/guardian shall agree to abide by the District’s and IDLA’s policies prior to IDLA classes beginning.


In the event of a violation of the acceptable use policy, plagiarism, or other disciplinary issues, IDLA will notify the District. The District shall take any disciplinary measures necessary as provided in District policy.


Tuition / Fees


The District shall abide by the IDLA Fees Policy Statement provided by IDLA

The student is responsible for all tuition and registration fees to be paid to IDLA. If the student is taking IDLA courses for dual credit or as overload classes, the district will use money from advanced opportunities to pay for the courses. Exceptions may be granted by the building principal.




IDLA provides a percentage grade to the Districts. The District transcribes the credit. The grade received from any IDLA class will be averaged into the student’s GPA. The student will be granted high school credit when earned through the IDLA. Grade percentages in courses shall be based on such criteria as mastery of the subject, demonstrated competency, and meeting the standards set for each course.


Advanced Placement Designation on Transcript


If a student of the District takes an IDLA class, the District will specify on the student’s transcript that the advanced placement course was taken through IDLA. The purpose for this is to ensure that the student’s transcript reflects an approved provider of the advanced placement course, such as IDLA.


For all other requirements regarding IDLA, please refer to the Idaho Digital Learning Academy.



Cross Reference          3270-3270P     Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks



Legal References:       I.C. § 33-5502             Creation—Legislative Findings—Goal

I.C. § 33-5505             Definitions.

Paulson v. Minidoka School District No. 331, 93 Idaho 469, 470 (1970).



Policy History: Adopted on: 5/8/12 Revised on: 2/13/18 Reviewed on: 2/9/21

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