2210P: Weather-Related School Closure

Gooding Jt. School District 231


Weather-Related School Closure

All students, parents, and school employees should assume that school will be in session and buses running as scheduled, unless there is official notification from the Superintendent to the contrary. Such notice will be given via public media.

In the event that extremely cold temperatures, wind chill factors, snow, wind, or other circumstances require a modification of the normal routine, the Superintendent will make the modification decision prior to 6:00 AM and contact the public radio stations for broadcast to the community and will initiate the emergency fan-out communication procedure to all administrators.

Work Schedules and Responsibilities for School Closures

Superintendent: Only the Superintendent shall have the authority to close schools. The Superintendent will be on duty throughout any existing or potential emergency situation, day or night. All orders that are of doubtful origin should be confirmed with the Superintendent.

Central Administrative Personnel: Central administrative personnel shall be expected to report for duty on their assigned shifts in the event of any school closure insofar as is safely possible. Additional hours may be required, especially of the maintenance supervisor, business manager, and personnel director, depending on the nature of the emergency.

Building-Level Administrators, Non-Teaching “Exempt” Personnel, and Key Support Staff: All building-level administrators and non-teaching “exempt” personnel shall report for duty per their normal shifts or as otherwise directed each day during the school closure, together with the head custodian and at least one secretary, insofar as is safely possible. The building administrator shall ascertain that the building has been adequately secured and that any child who mistakenly reports to school (in the event that school has been closed) is properly and safely cared for and returned home. The administrator and this minimal support staff shall notify other staff and/or other support employees of the situation, and shall respond to telephone questions. When the situation has been stabilized, the personnel who reported to work may choose to return home. An administrator or exempt employee who does not work a normal day shall then adjust his or her work year by memorandum to the Superintendent by the number of hours not worked on the day or days of school closure.

12 Month Classified Employees: In the event of a school closure, 12 month classified personnel may report for duty or not report for duty, as directed by their immediate supervisor or the Superintendent. Building secretaries and secretaries to the key central administrative personnel who are required to be on duty are expected to report for duty. If a 12 month classified employee is unable to or does not report for duty, the employee shall complete a leave request form to declare the day as either personal leave, vacation, or leave without pay.

Ten and 11 Month Classified Employees: Ten and 11 month employees may report for duty or not report for duty as directed by their immediate supervisor or Superintendent. If such employees do not report for duty, they shall complete a District leave request form to declare the day as either personal leave, vacation, or leave without pay.

Aides, Food Service Workers, and Other Nine Month Classified Employees: These employees work only those days when school is in session and are not expected to work when school is not in session. If school has been closed, nine month employees should not report for duty unless otherwise directed by their immediate supervisor or the Superintendent. Nine month employees shall complete a leave request form to declare the day as either personal leave, vacation, or leave without pay.

Teachers, Including Teachers, Librarians, Psychologists, and Counselors: If schools are closed for weather or other emergency conditions, teachers are not expected to report for duty unless directed otherwise. Teachers do not need to submit an absence form. In cases of school closures, it is customary for the days to be made up at another time; thus teachers will typically still fulfill their contract days.

Procedure History:

Promulgated on: 5/8/12

Revised on: 10/13/20

Reviewed on:

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