1110: Elections

Elections conducted on behalf of the District are nonpartisan elections governed by the election laws of the State of Idaho and include the election of the Board Trustees, various public policy propositions, and advisory questions.

Board Trustee elections shall be held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November in odd-numbered years. Any person legally qualified to hold the position of school district trustee may file a declaration of candidacy for the office. The declaration must include the name of the candidate, the term for which declaration of candidacy is made, and include the signatures of not fewer than five School District electors residing in the trustee zone of which the candidate seeks election. Such declaration must be filed with the clerk of the District not later than 5:00 PM on the ninth Friday preceding the day of the election for the subject Trustee position. Any person seeking to become a write-in candidate must file a declaration of intent with the county clerk not later than 45 days before the election date and include the signatures of not fewer than five school district electors residing in the trustee zone of which the candidate seeks election.

If, after expiration of the date for filing written nominations, it appears that only one qualified candidate has been nominated for a position or if only one candidate has filed a write-in declaration of intent, no election shall be held for that position. The Board or the clerk, with the written permission of the Board, shall declare such candidate elected as a Trustee. The clerk shall immediately prepare and deliver to the person a certificate of election signed by him or her bearing the seal of the District. All other scheduled trustee elections will move forward under the regular procedures.

In each trustee zone, the person receiving the greatest number of votes cast within his or her zone shall be declared by the Board as the Trustee elected from that zone. If any two or more persons have an equal number of votes in any Trustee zone and a greater number than any other nominee in that zone the Board of Trustees shall determine the winner by a toss of a coin.

Legal Reference:

§ I.C. 33-401 Legislative Intent
§ I.C. 33-501 Board of Trustees
§ I.C. 33-502 Declaration of Candidacy for Trustees
§ I.C. 33-502B Board of Trustees – One Nomination – No Election
§ I.C. 33-503 Election of Trustees – Uniform Date
§ I.C. 34-1404 Declaration of Candidacy
§ I.C. 34-1407 Write-in Candidates

Policy History:

Adopted on: 12/13/2011
Revised on: 9/13/2016; 7/10/2018

Reviewed on:

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